Venla is a charismatic Finnish singer and a songwriter.
She has been doing music for the last 17 years.
During her career she’s been working with live bands and several Dj’s.

She calls herself ”A storyteller”.
The text always comes first. Together the story with the music and style creates the whole.
She likes to mix different sounds and styles, but keeping it always quite simple.
Right now she is doing all her performances by herself or with a Dj.
Most of her songs are in English, but she has songs also in Spanish and Finnish.
Now she’s recording her first solo album.

New Single Out

Venla Saartamo - Your soul is good

``In this Single I bring out musically two very different sides of me.
Strong and independent, mut also vulnerable and sensitive woman inside one shell.
This is me right now and today.``

This is how Venla Saartamo describes her first Single. This Single has been released in 8th of March 2017 recorded and produced in Fatalii Studio with Mikko Kilpinen and Moon Unit Studio Jere Garcia in cooperation of these studios. It is an Indie production and all the rights are reserved.


Offical photos


Säiliö 468, Summer 2017



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